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Business, leadership, and mastermind courses for business owners and managers who want to get out of their own way.

“When I joined Elevate, I was in the midst of *a lot* of life and business changes. I knew I needed to "get my mind right" in order to create the life and business I envision. I'm happy to report that I'm well on my way as a direct result of what I've learned over the past several months! I've gained a ton of knowledge through the books and exercises, but even more in the group discussions during and outside of class. I’m looking forward to seeing how my business and life will continue to improve as I consistently apply what I’m learning!” – Jessica B.

How We Help You

Set Up Your Business for Success

Figure out how to structure your business – and manage it – so you can overcome common barriers to growth.

Positively Lead Your Organization

Learn how be a better leader through effective communication and team empowerment.

Get Out of Your Own Way

Grow faster than your business does, so you can control how things play out.

How It Works

Enroll in a Class

Commit to changing yourself, so your life and business can reach their potential.

Develop as a Leader

Challenge yourself with weekly reading assignments, discussions, and tasks that will make you a better leader.

Make a Bigger Impact

When you grow, your company will follow. You’ll create the life you envision and positively influence your community.

Why Elevate Leadership & Business Consulting?

Our Story

When it comes to growing their businesses, many people find themselves getting in their own way. It starts out fun and exciting, but quickly becomes scary, overwhelming, and frustrating. Either their companies grow so fast that they don’t know how to manage a team or they do it all on their own and end up building themselves a job instead of a business. For managers, they’re often great at the technical aspects of their staff’s jobs, but they don’t know how to motivate and empower them. 

Frustration and burnout run rampant at this point and many people ask themselves whether owning or managing a business is even worth it.

Our founder, Danny Wyrwas, knows how hard it is create a successful business. When he started his fencing company, Absolute Vinyl, 15 years ago, he struggled to survive, even with a solid background in leadership and management. Still, he knew success was possible and there had to be a way to get there. So he studied other successful businesses, surrounded himself with a trusted group of advisors, and developed himself as a leader. It was then that his company grew to a million dollar business and he was able to create a lasting, positive impact on his employees, family, and community. 

Since then, Danny has been passionate about helping others develop themselves in order to create the business and life of their dreams. Last year, he launched Elevate and its initial course to a small, dedicated group of Billings business owners and managers who have seen positive, lasting results, not only in the way they run their businesses, but in how they work with their family members and the people in their communities. 

As an Elevate student, you will be challenged with weekly readings, trainings, and class discussions to help you change the way you’re doing business. The Elevate leadership team and your classmates will support you wherever you are in life and business – just starting out, trying to grow to the next level, or working to sustain what you’ve already built. You’ll be surrounded with other growth-minded business owners and managers who you’ll collaborate with to apply what you learn. You’ll finally have the resources you need to create the business you desire.

Entrepreneurs and managers often feel like they are “going it alone,” but it doesn’t have to be that way. When you enroll as an Elevate student, you’ll get more than just a class – you’ll get a family who cares about you, your success, and the impact you want to create. You’ll gain confidence in yourself and business will be fun again. 

Choose to change how you do business, enroll in an Elevate class today!

Stop Letting Your Business Outgrow You

Become a confident and influential leader so your business grows the way you want it to.

Improve the lives of your family, your employees, and your community members.

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To learn how to enroll in Elevate, or to set up a date to visit a class, contact Danny at 406-672-5060 or click "Send Message" to contact us for more information. We look forward to helping you grow! 

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